Help / F.A.Q

What are the benefits of insulating my home ?

  • Dramatically reduced heating bills (up to 40%)
  • Homes maintain generated heat in winter months and slow down the heat flow into your home in the summer months.
  • Greatly reduces the risk of dampness condensation etc in your home

How much will it cost ?

Our area representative will call out and carry out a survey and prepare a specific quotation based on your needs & requirements. Our survey & quotation service is free of charge to the client.

What is the HES Grant, how do i apply, when do i apply ?

The HES Grant is a Grant Scheme which is available to assist you with the cost of improving energy consumption levels in your home, by upgrading your insulation, central heating etc.
Please visit our grants page for further information.

Who will carry out my BER (Building Energy Rating) Assessment ?

Cooper Insulation can get a BER Assessment carried out through their own network of assessors nationwide.

Will installation of cavity insulation damage my home ?

The only visual change to your home when the work is being carried is the 22mm drill holes in your external walls as shown in our photos, when the insulation has been pumped the holes are filled with a matching coloured mortar/ dash etc.

Can Cavity Blocks be filled with insulation ?

Pumping insulation into cavity blocks is something which can lead to problems in the future by drawing moisture/dampness into the cold bridge which is left in the wall. Cooper insulation can provide solutions to this by internally dry-lining the house or by fitting a finished insulation system to the outside face of the external walls.
It is important to note that insulating cavity blocks is not recognised by any local authority or in Irish Building Regulations . it is also not covered by the manufacturers Irish Agrément Certificate.
There are no grants available for pumping insulation into cavity blocks.

Can a cavity in a timber frame house be insulated ?

This is not advisable practice as it is recommended that the cavity is left open in a timber frame building to allow the structure to breathe.

The walls in my house are solid, what are my options for insulating ?

Similar options are available in this situation as with cavity blocks, ie internal dry lining and external

The walls and attic in my home have been insulated, how do I pay?

Payment options are totally up to the customer. You can pay the guys on the lorry on the day of the job, arrange payment with the sales rep or altenatively call our office to arrange payment with credit card or laser card.