Air Tight Systems

Air Tight Insulation

Air Tightness is now a building regulation requirement in new buildings and it is certain that very high levels of air tightness in homes will become an integral part of construction within future regulations.
Air tightness lends itself greatly to a very healthy living atmosphere and is commonly used in conjunction with a Heat Recovery Ventilation System.
In most situations it is very difficult to achieve an “A” rated home without having achieved high levels of air tightness in constrcution.

A range of glues, tapes & membranes are fitted to the inside of the building envelope to eliminate unwanted air infiltration & draughts.

Fitting Siga Membrane & Sicrall TapeSealing JointsSealing Service Penetration

Photo 1: Fitting air tight Siga membrane & sicrall tape
Photo 2: Sealing joints where membrane meets finished masonry wall with Siga Primur adhesive
Photo 3: Sealing service penetration in membrane with Siga Rissan tape